Duo Verde garden architects

From design to a living garden

Duo Verde designs and creates gardens with surprising, interesting personalities of their own. Each garden is unique and carefully designed to be a fitting extension of the existing architecture and landscape, enriched with new accents.

Duo Verde’s signature characteristic is talented design in accordance with the client’s wishes, professional realisation of the design, and sustainable maintenance that will ensure perpetual preservation of the unique design.

Duo Verde designs gardens for private individuals and companies, public spaces, castle gardens and parks. Duo Verde has appeared in countless publications and won a number of awards.

Duo Verde is a Belgian company located in Brasschaat. However, the company does not operate solely in Belgium, but also internationally, featuring projects in Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the US.

Duo Verde is led by partners Jeroen Verheyen and Fre Van Driessche.

About Jeroen

Jeroen is the architect who designs the Duo Verde gardens. He completed his secondary education at the Technical High School of Horticulture in Brussels, Belgium and graduated with honours for his bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Ghent University College, Belgium. After many years working with Wirtz International, he founded Duo Verde with his partner Fre back in 2011.

About Fre

Fre oversees the team that realises and maintains Duo Verde’s gardens in Belgium. He serves as a point of contact for clients and ensures that the team realises the designs perfectly. He founded Duo Verde with his partner Jeroen back in 2011. Together, they make for the perfect team.