Project BLL


This garden embraces and emphasises JUMA architects’ modern architectural style. It flows through the big open windows into the home and imbues the interior with the unique atmosphere of each of the seasons.

Project AER


To complement this modern home, designed by Studio P architects, we created this beautiful garden and swimming pool. The pool design features natural materials that fit in seamlessly with the home and the the garden.

Project HHW


This modern home by JUMA architects is surrounded by a garden based on straight lines, with the single multi-trunked flora lending a minimal dynamic feeling.

Project BHL


The elaborate pruning in this garden ensures a powerful dynamic, which is then tempered by the sober choice of greenery. The end result is a serene, elegant garden that accentuates the authentic character of this beautifully renovated home.

Project BRB


This stylish townhouse and modern wellness centre are linked by an invitingly linear path surrounded by tiered green shapes.

Project VRS


The flowing lines of the pruning and the ascending conservatories turn this  rectangular city garden into a green oasis full of dynamism.

Project RLA


The highlight of this park garden is the specially designed cedar bench that creates a unified meandering arrangement along with the pond and the surrounding greenery.